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GGMM D3 Battery Base for Dot 3rd Generation&Smart Speakers 5200mAh

GGMM D3 Battery Base for Dot 3rd Generation&Smart Speakers 5200mAh

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    1.Compact and Well-Fitting Design: our portable charger is almost the same size as the Dot 3rd, only increases by 2.5 cm in the height to avoid making Dot smart speaker bloated and bulky, makes it truly lightweight and portable. You can take it with you wherever you go without being constricted by cables and a power adapter.

    2.No Interface In Sound Quality: the smallest portable battery charger in the market, you are able to unplug it and move it to anywhere. The open design ensures that there will be no blockage or interference in sound quality, it also plays a role to prevent the smart home speaker from scratching and sliding.

    Latest Battery Management Chip

      adopt the latest battery management chip, effectively prevent overcharge, more safe and durable

      Know Power Status Anytime Anywhere

        with four led flashlight, let you know the power status at anytime

        Simple Use(One Step)
        Plug and Play, our rechargeable battery base is easy to install with simple operation--- Embed the smart home speaker into the top of our power station, press and hold the power button of our power bank for 2 seconds, and you' re good to go. No complicated buttons or dials

        1.Q: how to charger this device?
        A:you can use the original echo dot 3rd charging cable to charge the device
        2.Q:will this battery base effect my dot's sound quality?
        A:is open design which can ensure the sound will be like no use battery base, no blockage also no interference
        3.Q: will this work with echo dot new version(clock)
        A: The echo dot with the clock is the same echo dot third-gen with a clock built into it. Some call it the echo dot 3.5 gen. They only have it as a sandstone white so get the white version it to match it
        4.Q: why it gets no power when after 1-hour use?
        A: in first-time use, please charge D3 battery base fully to reach best working use
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