E5 Smart Speaker with Alexa Voice Control

  • E5 Smart Speaker with Alexa Voice Control

E5 Smart Speaker with Alexa Voice Control


E5 Smart Speaker with Alexa Voice Control

  • [Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/Aux] Connect directly to your Wi-Fi network for Internet radio, your music library, and favorite online streaming music services like iHeart Radio, Spotify. Connect via Bluetooth, direct Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi router, or AUX. Easily switch among separate audio sources and add up to 16 devices without disconnecting. Wi-Fi works over 160 feet.
  • [Amazon Alexa Voice& Hands-Free Calling]: Amazon Alexa Voice Service puts you in full control of your surroundings. Simply press a button and ask Alexa to order a pizza, set a timer, play a song, and more. Connect your device to the E5 speaker via Bluetooth to enable hands-free calling. With the press of a button, you have the ability to answer and hang-up calls. With a built-in microphone, you can speak towards the speaker without having your phone out.
  • [Multi-room Music System via Wifi] Each Wi-Fi Speaker is part of a whole family of wireless speakers and also systems. If you buy more than two E5 or other E series speakers, you can connect them via home Wi-Fi to play different music in different rooms or play the same music in every room. Connect up to 16 speakers. Each speaker can stream L/R channels to create surround sound experience. Download the "GGMM E Series" App from Apple Store/ Google Play to your phone and control speakers wirelessly.
  • [Style & Customization] Sleek elegant design to fit into any environment in your home. Super slim design 1.5-inch thick speaker makes it a portable speaker, comes with a removable leather strap to take the speaker on the go. With built-in Treble and Bass Adjustment Knobs, you have the ultimate control to adjust the sounds to your style and liking. Speaker also has a built-in Favorite function that is able to save up to 6 of your favorite online stations.
  • [Built in Battery & Smart Charging Port] The E5 speaker has a built-in battery that lasts up to 15 hrs of playback time. E5 also has a smart USB charging port available to charge your devices like your phone or tablet. Product Works well with all Apple products. iPhone, iPad, Mac… Android, iOS, OS, Windows.
  • [Package Contents] GGMM E5 Speaker, handle strap, AC adapter, user manual, warranty with free technical support. 
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