Increase happiness

Increase happiness

 Keywords: Increase happiness, Amazon Alexa, D7

In this Information-rich era, it’s not easier to be happy than before. This responsibility is not should be held to us because it’s too easy to get used to the beautiful things that should be satisfied. Some people seek stimulation, Some people go to find their value. Anyway has its meaning. More precisely, At every point in time, there is a way to belong to it.

In recent years, I have chosen to keep pets and upgrade home equipment to cope with my remaining free life. Although it doesn't look particularly difficult, it takes a lot of time for me. Playing with my cat on weekends and cleaning his home is one of my fun, and the other fun is to open my Alexa with D7 and enjoy my wonderful weekend. It looks blank, but it let me feel happy and extremely satisfied.

Finally, no matter whether you find a way to increase happiness now, you still need to find it.

Springs need to be relaxed, cars need to be refueled, people need to be accompanied. Hope we can foresee a better self.



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