M4 indoor outdoor wireless speaker





· Built-in rechargeable battery allows you to enjoy your music virtually anywhere
· Durable microfiber wrapped around entire speaker; stylish leather belt for over the shoulder or hand-carry
· CSR Bluetooth 4.0 & Realtec Wi-Fi transfer mode allows you to combine multiple M4s together
· Kevlar speakers with integrated WOLFSON DAC digital amplifier minimizes sound distortion
· Two modes: direct connection and router mode. Router mode allows up to 16 users to stream through home Wi-Fi network
· High-capacity polymer lithium battery provides 6-8 hours of continuous use
· Wireless active speakers with Digital Signal Processing and MAX BASS button
· GGMM App allows users to connect and access stored music or stream from online sources
· Compatible with iOS / Android / Mac OS / Windows


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Yes; if you are using a PC/Mac/iOS, you can stream music from online sources using the GGMM app or AirPlay. However, the Android OS currently does not support streaming services such as Pandora or Spotify.
Your smart phone, tablet, Mac, or PC, and a router.
Yes; without a router, you can connect your device directly to the speaker.
Yes; you can stream from these services from all operating systems (Mac/iOS/Android/PC). However, because the Android OS has a few limitations when dealing with third part hardware, your music may occasionally stop and you will need to manually press play.
· Reset the M4 (press and hold Reset button until the red LED turns on) and reconnect your device.
· Make sure you are inputting the correct Wi-Fi password.
· Make sure your immediate environment has a strong and secure Wi-Fi signal. If you are in a complicated network environment or have a weak signal, this may result in connection failure.
· Make sure the wireless router is not hiding the SSID or using the WEP/Share and WDS settings.
· Make sure your router software is updated to the newest version.
· Reset the M4 (press and hold Reset button until red LED flashes) and make sure M4 function is OK in direct mode.
· Try to connect after restarting your smart phone, tablet, Mac, or PC.
· Make sure the following settings have been enabled for your router: multicast/DLNA/UPNP/WMM or restart the router.
· Make sure your immediate environment has a strong and secure Wi-Fi signal.
· Make sure your device is compatible with the DLNA software.
· Make sure that the volume control on both the device that you are using and the M4 is turned up.
· Restart your router and smart phone, tablet, laptop, etc.
· Make sure your immediate environment has a strong Wi-Fi signal.
· Check that your device and M4 are connected to the same network